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How are tin box and tin can produced?

This article goes into the details of the production process of tin box and tin can. You will want to have your basic blog set up before reading this article. For the basics of creating a new blog of any kind (including tin can/box), check out my free blogging tutorial first, and then come back to this article later.

Each tin box is completed by iron material -- printing -- cutting -- stamping -- assembly -- packaging -- step by step.
(1) Tin material: Generally, after the order is confirmed, the appropriate iron material will be ordered according to the near layout drawing, including the type and size of the iron material. Visual inspection method to see whether there are scratches on the surface, whether the lines are uniform, whether there are rust spots, etc., the thickness can be measured with an equal micrometer, and the hardness can be felt by hand.

(2) Printing: After the film and the typesetting map are given to the printing factory, they are ready for printing according to the typesetting. Usually, a template is provided for the printing factory to follow the color. In the process of printing, you should pay attention to whether the printing color matching follows the template. Whether the set is accurate, whether there are stains, whether there are scars and so on. The printing houses that are generally responsible for these problems can control themselves.

(3) Cutting: After the iron material is printed and returned to the factory, it can be cut and cut according to the row of cutting beds. When cutting the mattress, the attention is to see whether the operator cuts according to the knife edge line, and whether the length is consistent and uniform. Whether workers scratch each other when discharging materials, etc., they must check the quality at the operating station.

(4) Stamping: Since the iron sheet is pressed and formed on the punching machine, this is the main work of making jars. Usually, a jar needs to be divided into many processes to complete. The general process of the two-piece can of Tiandi cover is: cover: cutting material - flashing - winding. Bottom: cutting material - flashing - pre-rolling line - winding line.
The bottom process of Tiandi Lid (bottom sealing) the process of the tank, the lid: cutting material - flashing - winding line Can body: cutting material - pre-bending - cutting angle - forming - buttoning - punching (bottom buttoning) - bottom sealing. The bottom process is: during the punching process, the product is usually lost a lot. Pay attention to whether the work operation is standardized, whether the surface of the product is scratched, whether the coil has batch seams, and whether the buckle position is fastened. The usual practice is to arrange the production of large samples to confirm before the production of large goods, and to produce according to the confirmed large samples, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

(5) Packaging: After the production is finished stamping, the packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembling, into plastic bags and packing. This link is the finishing work of the product. The cleaning of the product is very important, so the cleaning work should be done before packaging, and then the packaging should be done according to the packaging method. put. What should be paid attention to in the packaging process is to minimize the flow of defective products into the finished product, and the number of boxes must be accurate.

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