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Customized round shape airtight coffee tea tin can for loose tea storage with lids

tea tin cans offer an elegant and practical solution for storing tea

Product Size

customize size


0.23mm food grade tinplate


Polybag and then master carton




Product All Parameter

Product Size customize size
Material 0.23mm food grade tinplate
Packing Polybag and then master carton
Print Customized
Moq 3000

Product Detail

Using tea tin cans for tea storage offers several benefits:

Preserves the Quality of Tea: Tea tin cans offer an airtight seal, which helps to preserve the quality and flavor of tea. This is especially important for delicate teas such as green and white teas, which can easily lose their flavor if exposed to air.

Protects Against Light: Light can cause tea to deteriorate and lose its flavor. Tea tin cans protect tea from light exposure, ensuring that the tea remains fresh and flavorful.

Enhances Aesthetics: Tea tin cans come in a variety of designs and materials, making them an excellent option for tea lovers who appreciate aesthetics. From classic metal tins to modern glass jars, tea tin cans can complement any decor and add charm to any kitchen.

Easy to Store and Organize: Tea tin cans are compact and stackable, making them easy to store and organize. They take up minimal space and can be stored in a pantry or on a shelf, ensuring that tea is easily accessible and readily available.

When choosing a tea tin can, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's essential to choose a can that is made of high-quality materials, such as metal or glass, to ensure that it provides an airtight seal. Additionally, it's important to choose a can that is the right size for your tea collection, ensuring that it can accommodate the amount of tea that you have.

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Company introduction

Established in 2010, Dongguan Lianglvfang Packing Product Co., Ltd is a professional tin boxes manufacturer, specializing in the design, development and production of customized tin boxes. With the cover for an area of 10000 square meters, it has more than 300 staff, 2000 sets of tin box moulds and 300 advanced punching equipments in the factory to assurance the production capacity 3,000,000PC monthly. Our main products are food tin boxes, cookie tin boxes, tea boxes, coffee boxes, candle boxes, gift and promotion boxes, coin tin boxes, cosmetic boxes, pomade cans, aluminum boxes, metal ice buckets and PVC/PET buckets etc.

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Business managers

Lianglvfang Company has been deeply rooted in China’s Pearl River delta manufacturing industry for six years. “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection;As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind”, by implementing this irrefutable ancient saying courageously, Lianglvfang has finally occupied a place in the intense market competition

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Production workshop

Looking for a reliable supplier for your tin box needs? Look no further! With a massive 10000 square meter area, 2000 sets of molds, 300 advanced punches, and 300 experienced workers, our factory has the capacity to meet all your needs. With over 13 years of experience and 20 fully-automated production lines, we're the expert in producing high-quality tin boxes. Trust us to deliver top-notch products with unmatched efficiency and speed.

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